Are you passionate about POLE and want to make it your career? Then the Ecole de Pole MASTER Training series is for you!

Online and Face to Face accredited instructor Training Courses, internationally recognised and available across the globe through our web based distance Learning Management portal, or in person at studio.    

Based on functional teaching methodology written by Justine McLucas, each course builds on the knowledge of the previous from beginner foundation skills, right up to Advanced spotting for flips and drops, with a focus on ways to see real results and technical growth in your students.

Participants will develop a high skill level in technical instruction, by identifying muscles and joints used in pole grips and tricks, ways to correct technique, build strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on safety and injury prevention to support students throughout their pole journey.

Suitable as an instructor training tool, for new or experienced teachers, the courses provide insight and skills for the pole dancer wishing to further their own personal understanding of the mechanics of pole movement even if not to teach, but to apply improved techniques to their pole training.

EDP MASTER Training Courses are approved by AUSactive (formerly called Fitness Australia), the ACE (American Council on Exercise) and PDC (Pole Dance Community UK, Europe, USA) .

STUDIO OWNERS: Host a course at your studio – one of our experienced Tutors will fly to you and conduct courses as weekend or intensives to suit the needs of your studio. Get in touch for availability and studio host discounts in AUS, UK/ EUROPE, USA & ASIA. We have Master Trainers in UK, USA and AUS.
CAMPS: Intensive 5 day Camps annually! Check details for international course locations and course camps HERE


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Our Mission is to provide quality instructor training across all levels that is accessible and affordable, sharing knowledge and providing personal development to teachers and polers with safer technique and a thorough understanding of pole dancing and anatomy, and develop your skills to be practically applied to training and instructing.

  • Each EDP course includes in-depth manuals (supplied as PDF’s for face to face learners – because we care about the environment too!)
  • Content includes theory chapters, and complete breakdowns with images for every trick and spin in each level, plus lists with technique points for Conditioning & Flexibility exercises, giving you the perfect foundation to a career in Pole Dance.
  • Online courses include video demonstrations of tricks, teaching and spotting.
  • Each trick is categorised as Low/Mid/High within the level, assisting with creating your own syllabus and class plans easily in the real world, catering for the many levels currently on offer at different pole studios.
  • Beginners includes 106 pages of theory and anatomy chapters, with almost 70 tricks, conditioning & flexibility exercises.
  • Intermediate includes over 160 pages of theory and anatomy chapters, with almost 100 tricks, conditioning & flexibility exercises.
  • Advanced includes almost 200 pages of theory and anatomy chapters, with 110 tricks, conditioning & flexibility exercises.
  • Your Tutor has expert knowledge and experience and will be there to guide you and answer all of your questions.
  • Practical assessment, quizzes & worksheets will be given throughout the course to monitor understanding and progress. Successful candidates will receive a  signed certificate at completion of each level, recognised by international fitness bodies.
  • Face to Face Courses are structured over 2 days per level (Beg – Inter – Adv), in studio practical workshops & classroom tutorials, with some pre-reading requirements for each course.
  • Online courses are self paced with an estimated study time of 12-15 hours per course, participants have 6 months to complete the content and submit their assignments and practical video assessments.
  • Developed through years of experience, research & successful implementation in-house for over 10 years at Ecole de Pole studios in London, UK, Singapore & Cleveland, USA; the EDP courses are now available to the public as affordable training to develop your skills for teaching pole classes effectively, safely and with absolute confidence.
  • Graduates will be accepted for insurance by DanceSurance Australia (subject to meeting all other underwriting conditions), and receive $20 off their first annual premium.



Justine McLucas

Justine is the founder of Ecole de Pole ®, now a multi-faceted pole dance industry brand, including the EDP Instructor Training Courses written by Justine, worldwide Pole Camps and Licenced studios. She established the London studio in 2010, with EDP now  also in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Australian-born Justine started dancing at 3 training in ballet […]


Tammy Bam Bam

Tammy is a Brisbane based professional pole dancer and instructor. She has a background in Jazz dance and a passion for performing. Growing up she was constantly running, jumping, dancing or climbing trees. So when she came across pole it was love at first sight! Tammy is a passionate instructor and a huge advocate for injury prevention through […]


Naomi Browne

Naomi’s passion for physical development begun at the age of 4 when she was introduced to gymnastics. She trained as a gymnast for many years and then started developing her dance skills and musicality. Mixing the two sports in the form of pole dance makes Naomi’s style of performance strong and dynamic as well as elegant and powerful […]