Have Justine visit your studio for workshops, competition judging, instructor training or private coaching within AUSTRALIA or overseas. Please ask if you have a specific request for a style of workshop or level, and it can be tailored for you!

Contact Justine directly for pricing, minimum numbers and availability.  Studio Hosts may attend workshops free of charge when both minimums are met, and transport/ flights are also covered.  

  • Miss Pole Dance QLD “INDUSTRY PERSON OF THE YEAR” 2017
  • IPC “Instructor of The Year” nominee 2013, 2015 & 2018
  • Nominee for the “Representin” Award: Most Positive Role Model in the Pole & Aerial Community (Pole World News Awards USA 2014)
  • Internationally accredited IPDFA judge & World Sport (Miss Pole Dance) Judge
  • GOT TO DANCE 2012 (UK) Series 3 -TOP 34
  • IPDFA International Pole Championship Semi-Finalist (top 25 in the world 2012)
  • Ranked No 17 in the World by Poleranking.com 2011
  • World Pole Sport & Fitness Semi-Finalist, Budapest, 2011
  • Miss Pole Dance UK tied 1st Place on points & Best Entertainer, 2011
  • Pole Divas Professional Championship Runner Up, 2010
  • Pole Divas Professional Championship London, Winner 2010
  • Miss Pole Dance UK Finalist & Best Costume, 2009
  • VOTED #17 United Pole Artists – Global Poler’s Choice Awards (2016), #20 in 2012, and #25 2013
(Justine’s Signature Conditioning & Power Tricks Workshop - 90 mins)

Find out where the “I’ve Been Whacked by the McLucas Mafia..” slogan came from! This hardcore workshop will start off with some of Justine’s fave conditioning exercises, lots of shoulder strengthening and handstanding to build control – followed by a session revolving around handstandy balancing tricks – leading to deadlifts and handsprings & other strength trick training, Baby Fonji’s & Phoenix…pick the one’s you want to work on! This one will make you sore the next day that’s for sure!
(ADVANCED or INTERMEDIATE option available).

(Pole Flow & Spinning Combos - 75 or 90 mins)

JUSTINE’S FAVOURITE WORKSHOP TO TEACH! Learn how to move with seamless fluidity and control around the pole, For those seeking to link their tricks together, find their flow and find ways to transition in and out of moves combine them into a fluid chain of movement making the prettiest combinations. We will work on mini routine style flows/ long combinations with lots of tricks and interesting transitions (with an emphasis on spinning pole, staying up the pole for long periods of time, linking things together, around, down to the floor and back up!)
(Suitable for Inter & Adv – Should be able to invert comfortably)

(Beginners or Intermediate - 75 mins)

Justine’s newest passion is hand balancing! Coming from a non-gymnastics background, Justine has found her own ways to balance and master handstands which she can relay as an adult learning these tricks to other adult learners starting up this hobby later in life! Handstand conditioning, balancing on the elbows, Drills in the centre & against the wall – plus some great POLE handstand tricks and combos to finish if you want to add a pole segment to this one! up!)
(Absolute Beginner to handstands (can’t kick up on wall) or INTER/ADV version available – can kick up to a Handstand against the wall – with or without POLE HANDSTANDS segment)

(90 mins)

Justine’s Boss Ass trick workshop! Technique and precision is Justine’s strong point – she will cover hand placements, grips and tips for conquering some of the hardest moves, lots of crazy elbow grips and new creative combos. Lots of tricky trick stuff will be covered, bring your requests and leave feeling like a POLE BOSS!
(ADVANCED – please specify if you want an INTERMEDIATE Tricks Workshop & Justine can tailor this to your needs).

(75 or 90 mins)

Justine loves to fuse lyrical, balletic and contemporary dance styles on the pole, to produce emotive and artistic routines. This is a Contemporary/ Lyrical Dance class on the pole, learning to use breath and weight in organic fluid movements around, on and connected with the pole. You will learn a short lyrical routine using either static or spinning poles to put your newfound dance skills to work. Explore your connection between flowing movement and pole. (INTER & UP – workshop will be in bare feet)

TWERK IT (75 mins)

Get your Booty moving in this TWERK masterclass! Having completed the GBI Twerk Team Instructor Training Course (yep there is a teacher training course for Twerk!) Justine brings you a classic Twerk class: we’ll learn booty-pop basics including popping, clapping and shaking and finish with an upbeat, fun choreography with a little Hip-Hop feel. No heels needed, trainers are optional, knee pads & snapbacks a definite! Come wearing booty shorts and a comfortable top!
(Open to all levels- no Pole experience necessary)

(Flexibility & Stretching - 75 mins)

With her favourite tricks being Downsplits/ Sword, Russian Split and Eagle, it is no surprise that Justine has a rigorous training regime for stretching. This STRETCHING workshop will cover essential small and large muscle group stretching, and lead into specific developmental stretching for Shoulders, Back & Back contortion, Splits and Oversplits, Hips and Boxsplits.
(ALL LEVELS – No pole experience required, should be able to press up into a bridge but there are options too.) *This workshop must be taken last in the day.

(75 or 90 mins)

If there’s a pole move with a split in it – chances are Justine does it! Her fave thing in the world is to do the splits..every which way. This workshop will stretch you, pull you and flip you into every split trick you can think of (Sword, Russian Splits, Jade Drops, Pegasus, Upright Splits variations and more, whatever has come onto the scene with a split Justine will be doing it!) as well as touch on some of Justine’s signature Back Flexy tricks like her creations Icarina & Back Aysha Split, and the infamous Eagle (and preps for how to get into it).
(ADVANCED or INTERMEDIATE option available)

(75 or 90 mins)

Justine’s experience as a Cabaret dancer on the West End, and professional ballet training, brings you a super sassy Showgirl Workshop, combined with technique for high kicks and spins with a wow factor! You will learn short routines & pole combos in varying styles like a cardio pumping Can Can or Shimmy Shaking Burlesque spinning combo on the pole allowing you to explore your cabaret personality! A bing bang boom glam routine will be learnt, and to end there will be one of Justine’s faves – combing balancing on chairs with some super cool party tricks you can whip out at any time to show what you can do on a chair at the office party after this – this workshop is high energy, high kicking and involves lots of moving and dancing (you just need to be able to sit and do basic spins on the pole (ALL LEVELS)

(75 mins)

So you wanna be a Pole Star? Well this workshop just might help you get some ideas on how to do that.. Justine has performed, competed and judged in every dance style (not just pole!), since she was a kid competing in eisteddfods… from a Prix de Lausanne quarter finalist in Switzerland at 15.. soloist roles in the Hamburg Ballet… Feature Pole Artist in Cabarets on the West End, London and numerous Music Videos..  to tying for 1st on points in Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 and having been a World Pole Sport Semi Finalist in Budapest in 2011, Justine is no stranger to creating comp routines & engaging stage shows. This workshop will show you techniques Justine depends on to create a good balanced show, music choice and theme composition, how to break down comp criteria, and what things judges are looking for.  We might even create our own mini comp routine – bring note pads and pens and warm up gear and your creativity!!

(60 mins)

A lover of fitness and anything where you get to strut and pose… Justine will run you through your paces of what she does at least 3 times a week to shred fat whilst still building a booty! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), sprints and fun cardio combos to get you looking like a Fitness Model!!  Advice on health & fitness will also be covered – come with all your burning questions and having had a BIG protein bar or shake beforehand!!
(Off The Pole – All Fitness Levels welcome)

(75 mins)

Every girl wants to be a ballerina at some stage of their childhood right? Well come and make all your childhood dreams come true, and learn some beautiful ways to get great feet and lines like a ballet boss.. and then combine it with some pole for effect! We will learn a pretty routine too making you into a graceful ballet prima donna!