Justine has been dancing since she was 3 – she believes there is an intense need to move in all of us and nothing quite compares to dancing to music. This has led Justine around the globe performing and competing at the highest level. Her passion is coaching others to find their way to move and feel the music.

Justine is the founder of Ecole de Pole®, now a multi-faceted pole dance industry brand, including the internationally accredited EDP Instructor Training Courses, worldwide Pole Camps, and a pole syllabus for Beginners to Advanced taught at licensed studio Ecole de Pole Cleveland, Ohio, USA and Pole Fitness Australia. 

Justine now focuses on training up and coming students and instructors on their own pole journey’s (to have pointed toes and impeccable technique!), and aims to share her wealth of knowledge through workshops and instructor training.

Join Justine at a class in Brisbane (at Pole Fitness Australia, Everton Park), book her for workshops, instructor training weekends or private lessons at your own studio… or come join her on the next POLE CAMP in Aus or Thailand for some poling holiday fun!

“I don’t want dancers who want to dance.

I want dancers who have to dance.”

– George Balanchine –

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