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Ecole de Pole is a multi faceted global pole industry brand founded by champion pole pioneer, Justine McLucas with its flagship studio based in London, UK, alongside internationally accredited Instructor Training Courses (face to face & online), worldwide Pole Camps (Australia, London & Thailand), and a pole syllabus for Beginners to Advanced taught at licensed studios Ecole de Pole Cleveland & Akron, USA and Pole Fitness Australia, Brisbane.

Face-to-Face and Online Courses

Ecole de Pole’s internationally accredited Instructor Courses provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based pole teacher training programs available. If you are passionate about Pole and want to make it your career, the Ecole de Pole MASTER Training Series is for you.

We offer both Online and Face-to-Face accredited Instructor Training Courses:

Instructor Training Camps

You can also choose to accelerate your accreditation at one of our 5 day Instructor Training Camps on the Gold Coast, Australia or Phuket, Thailand.

Our instructor camps cover all 3 levels of the EDP Master Training Courses – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced (26 hours of study)

Meet the
Ecole de Pole
Master Trainers

Led by internationally renowned instructor Justine McLucas, our team of master trainers have a wealth of experience across pole, dance, physical rehabilitation and fitness with a long list of titles between them!

Pole Retreats

Join a retreat for a unique opportunity to enjoy different cultures around the world while doing what you’re passionate about. If you want to level up your pole skills and connect with other pole dancers on one of our signature retreats this year, book now!

Want to run your own Pole Studio?

We are always ready to partner with and mentor dedicated pole dancers with a keen business interest to open their own studios. Join our global brand and run your own licensed Ecole de Pole studio!